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Experience a magician with two different faces! In his left eye he wears madness, in his right glamor and magic.

Miles Pitwell sets new standards with his show!

Guter Professor auf dem Strich.png

Card Manipulation


Awards: 1st place Magica 2013
Duration: 6 minutes

Requirements: Theater stage


There are many card tricks. But you don't see one like this every day.

A graceful, mystical performance in which the artist seems to make hundreds of cards appear out of nowhere, perfectly synchronised with the music.

The Experiment


Awards: 1st place Austrian Championship 2022 / 1st place Magica 2023
Duration: 6 minutes

Requirements: Theater stage


In this nostalgic manipulation show, various objects are formed from white sand, balls appear from fire and cards dissolve into smoke. Everything here is exciting, even the carpet!

Light Manipulation


Duration: 4 minutes

Requirements: Theater stage / dark rooms


With this light performance, the professor shows a different kind of magic, because here light is playing with. This is a powerful, swinging Poi routine with that certain something.

The  Torned & Restored Notes


Duration: 2 minutes
No special requirements needed


This is my version of a torned and restored newspaper. An extremely clean and clear handling is guaranteed to amaze. Ideal for a beautiful interplay between pianist and magician.

The  Torned & Restored Notes


Duration: 2 minutes
No special requirements needed

This is my version of a torned and restored newspaper. An extremely clean and clear handling is guaranteed to amaze. Ideal for a beautiful interplay between pianist and magician.


2014 & 2022


1st place "Magica"

2013 & 2023

(Qualification German Championship)

Wasserzeichen weiß.png

Professors             Laboratory





The story of this magician begins when the Stuttgart-born man was one of the youngest rock bands in Germany at the age of twelve. 

He discovered his love for magic at the age of eighteen through a magician named Waltini in the Bavarian forest. A strong friendship immediately develops between them. It quickly becomes clear that Miles' great passion is manipulation. This discipline is particularly difficult to learn due to its high level of dexterity and is known in expert circles as: “The supreme discipline”!

Over the next 21 years he trained hard and developed his very own style.


In 2005 he becomes part of the Int. Schauspielakademie in Stuttgart and from then on incorporates the art of acting into his magic shows.

Immediately afterwards, Miles Pitwell began a professional career as a magician and performed in various variety theatres and circus tents for up to 300 shows a year for more than 150,000 spectators.

It was in one of these shows that Miles discovered his current stage character.... "The Professor Of Magic“.

Learn the art of deception

Miles Pitwell has been passing on his knowledge via two online magic schools since 2020.






From 2016-2018 he was responsible for putting together the artists and the dramaturgical process of the "Dinner-Erlebnis-Varieté".

Since 2020 he has been a member of the "Secret School" and the “Somnium Membership” -  two online platforms on which the knowledge of the art of magic can be studied and practiced.

Would you also like to work on your performance or show?

Then get in touch!


References & Dates

Where Was I, Am I and will I be



Dudenhofen / Rheinland-Pfalz

(07 Nov. 23 - 21 Jan. 24)



Dudenhofen / Rheinland-Pfalz

(07 Nov. 23 - 21 Jan. 24)

Franken Staunt


(26 -28 Jan.)

Krystallpalast Variety


(01 March - 22 June)

Professor On Tour

Frankfurt Höchst

(30 April 24 / 20°°)



Professor On Tour

Zauberschloss Dresden

Tickets soon on:

(08 March 25)

Franken Staunt.png
Kulturhaus Osterfeld.png
Clowns und Kalorien.png
Krystallpalast Varieté.png

Full Evening Shows

Plakat Professor Of Magic JPG.jpg
Der verrückte Professor Plakat.jpg

Between Good & Evil


As a stylish professor, Miles Pitwell takes the audience on a mystical, into a mystical magic show. His original tricks and experiments are experiments based on events from myths and legends.


But suddenly an experiment goes wrong, causing the professor and changes the course of the show to the extreme.

The night within him is born and his dark side awakens!


As "Professor Noctis" he takes his audience into a new world of illusions. Now the focus is no longer on classic magic tricks, but shocking sensations such as the liberation from a

straitjacket or catching a pistol bullet.




Duration: approx. 90 min (incl. break)


!!! Only suitable for larger theaters!!!

The Crazy Professor

His name could be that of a main character in a Broadway musical. His character seems to have been borrowed from a Jules Verne novel.
Miles Pitwell is a "gentle giant" with his six-foot-five height and his
attentive and affectionate manner.

Fresh from his laboratory, the multi-award-winning magician presents
as the "mad professor", breathtaking magic that makes even the
biggest critics to doubt.

In this show, in addition to his stage magic, he also digs very small tricks out of his box. In doing so, he not only transports his audience
back in time, but they will experience magic momentsmagic moments right under their noses and even to touch!

Duration: approx. 90 min (incl. break)

!!! Also suitable for smaller theatres !!!

On Tour

Are you looking for a magician?


Gabelsbergerstr. 32, 04317 Leipzig

mob. (D): +49 176 8011 4129


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